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Manufacturing Operations Management

Avoid Errors, Reduce Risk, Increase Performance, & Stay Compliant

We Focus on Your ROI

    Our experts will work with you to understand your manufacturing business goals, identify opportunities, develop a business case, and take a phased approach to implementation that is focused on ROI. We have the expertise to maintain your manufacturing operations systems in a secure, current, and optimized state to extract maximum value from your investment.

    Our Manufacturing Operations Management Solutions Address Key Applications

    • Weigh & Dispense / Material Management / Labeling
    • Recipe Management
    • Equipment Management
    • Electronic Batch Records
    • Product Release With Review by Exception
    • OT Data Integration
    • Operator Mobility


    Gain Control & Visibility
    Reduce human errors, improve compliance, eliminate labor-intensive paper processes, and integrate data from various manufacturing systems.

    Support Your MES Investment
    Allow us to assess the health of your system, optimize performance, and maintain your system in a compliant, cyber-secure, and supportable state.

    Visualize Constraints & De-Bottleneck
    Visualize your facility’s constraints, debottleneck the process, optimize your production schedule, perform dynamic maintenance planning, and understand the implications of changes in your manufacturing process.

    Turn Your Manufacturing Operations Data Into Gold
    We can implement a scalable digital transformation strategy to integrate data from your OT systems with your IT systems to create a common data management solution.

    Customer Stories

    • Drive Down Operational Costs, Decrease Time to Market, and Maintain Product Quality

      Generics and CMOs provide drug development, manufacturing and packaging services for pharmaceutical companies who need production scalability. A source of long development and production lead times is data—especially with islands of automation. Learn how we helped this company integrate all levels of manufacturing systems—to collect, measure, and analyze data.

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    • Enable Predictability and Reduce Inventory

      This customer previously had a complex batch record consisting of over 1,200 pages and taking over 30 days to complete. Every page had multiple opportunities for human error including incorrect entries, miscalculations, and executing steps out of order. Learn how we implemented an electronic batch record in MES to eliminate opportunities for error.

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    • Maintain Chain of Identity and Accommodate Variations in Starting Material

      Treatments must be provided ‘vein to vein’ in a limited period of time—with the same rigorous controls as any other biologic. This manufacturer also needed to accommodate cell count variations in the starting material, and their autologous process required a strict chain of identity across the supply chain. Learn how MES recipes adapted to varied growth timelines for varying starting materials.

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