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Meet Our Team

Our industry consultants and subject matter experts are knowledgeable about and experienced with:

  • The latest technology advances that enable significant gains in quality, profitability, and sustainability
  • Ways to greatly reduce production delays, waste, rework, and compliance failures
  • Innovative approaches to drive end-to-end production—from the active pharmaceutical ingredient to the finished pharmaceutical product

Paul Brodbeck,
Continuous Manufacturing Software Developer and Industry Expert

Paul has over 30 years of experience in the process control industry—design, programming, and commissioning of DCS and PLC automation control systems for specialty chemical and pharmaceutical companies. He is the Chief Technologist for Continua Process Systems, where he has created the ContinuousPlant® suite of software dedicated to fully modular and agnostic Continuous Manufacturing plants. Additionally, he is the lead mentor for Rutgers Engineering Research Center for Structure Organic Particulate Systems (C-SOP), where he is guiding their research efforts related to advanced process controls, optimization, and system integration for their continuous manufacturing pilot plant. Paul has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Frank Corden,
Principal MES Consultant

Frank is a manufacturing and business consultant with over 40 years of experience leading organizations and project teams. Having worked in manufacturing facilities for pharma, biotech, specialty chemicals, medical devices, analytical instruments, aircraft components and others, as well as working for business consultants, automation integrators, engineering firms and testing laboratories, he’s gained visibility to a wide range of business issues and the variety of ways those issues can be addressed. Frank’s specialties include MOM/MES, manufacturing intelligence (MI) for life sciences, project management, process improvement evaluations, new product development, quality representative (both QA and QC) and computer system validation for FDA regulated environments, and process and analytical instrumentation.

Eric Grigg,
Industry Consultant & Lead Business Analyst

For over 30 years, Eric has been helping pharmaceutical companies address their needs through his business acumen and extensive knowledge of technology solutions, particularly those related to MES. As head of IT for various life sciences companies, as well as implementation expert for various software solution providers, he has delivered strategic direction and been responsible for application implementation and software delivery. Through the unique lens of a pharmaceutical professional, he understands the regulatory environment, validation process, and the importance of change control. As a Lead Business Analyst at Continua, he is responsible for helping customers design their scheduling models to best fit their business processes. His credentials include PMP, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and LIMS certifications.

Gary Macri,
Manufacturing Operations & MES Expert

Gary has over 20 years of experience in MES—working to provide a platform for achieving accuracy, efficiency, and validation via the re-creation of manufacturing processes and the collection of data onto a unified platform. He has not only executed over 30 MES projects but is also the author of how those systems were architected. Gary believes that MES is a great opportunity to look outside of standard options when planning a new facility. He can help customers evaluate different solutions, collect requirements, and rank the finalists. The industry is constantly changing, and Gary is working to stay on the cutting edge with the right tools to provide the right data to the right people.

Brian Sauerborn,
Industry Consultant

As an industry consultant, I am responsible for architecting and leading the execution of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and machine learning projects for our life sciences and specialty chemical clients. PAT’s prevalence in the industry is becoming increasingly popular—it enhances manufacturing efficiency, quality, and regulatory compliance. Machine learning is not only a buzz word, but a powerful tool to test use cases in a 12-20 week timeframe. With over 10 years of experience in industrial automation, I have the engineering background and industry context, to not only apply my passion and skills to any project, but also implement my recommendations. Companies typically come to me with an idea, pilot project, or perhaps even a full deployment. They could be looking for a needs assessment (at a plant, or from an enterprise perspective), advice on scaling a current project, or a way to connect seemingly disparate systems. Regardless, I can present a number of options based on their requirements and bring the resources of Continua to address their needs.

Dan Wasser,
Industry Consultant

With decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, batch processing, and data analytics, Dan helps clients who are tasked with getting data from disparate systems, querying it, and then using analytics tools to help solve business problems and make operations more efficient. His interest in all things digital started when he graduated from Case Western Reserve with a degree in Chemical Engineering and later from UNC with a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. Dan is an expert in process control, data analytics tools, and AI systems for capacity modelling and scheduling. He was also part of the BioPhorum team that built the popular and commonly used Digital Plant Maturity Model. Regarding the next big thing, Dan believes that the Unified Namespace (UNS) concept is moving in the right direction and hopes to leverage that approach to help Continua’s clients.