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Our Expertise


Data Design, Architecture & Analytics 

Adopting a modern data architecture, advanced analytics and AI will help you shape your facility design and process control strategies, rapidly scale from clinical to commercial, verify consistent batch quality, improve yield, and minimize unplanned downtime.

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Manufacturing Operations Management 

Our experts have the industry knowledge and technology tools to maintain your manufacturing operations systems in a secure, current, and optimized state to extract maximum value from your investment.  

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Operations Design & Model 

Break down your manufacturing processes into an easy-to-manage model. Accurately simulate your plant to visualize resource constraints, generate a feasible schedule, and visualize a pathway to higher production rates with the power of real-time monitoring.

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Process Analytical Technology

Leverage the latest advances in PAT to optimize end-to-end production—from active ingredient through finished product. Streamline your processes by integrating multivariate data and real-time process models to manage critical quality attributes and predict final product quality.

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Continuous Manufacturing

Our integrated solutions enable users to deploy modular, multi-product continuous manufacturing lines to produce APIs, biologics, and drug products more predictably, efficiently, and of better quality than traditional batch manufacturing methods. 

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