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ContinuousPlant® Process Automation Software

Modular, Standards-Based Process Orchestration Layer (POL)
for Continuous Manufacturing

State-Of-The-Art Modular Platform

  • Provides a flexible approach to manufacturing as the industry moves away from Blockbuster drugs
  • Designed with object-oriented technology to produce multiple products with multiple processes
  • Infrastructure allows customers to use their preferred best-in-class equipment.


  • Faster Tech Transfer
  • Easily and Efficiently Change Line Configurations, Recipes, & Unit Operations
  • Modular & Flexible; User Configurable
  • Higher Quality, Reduced Errors, Real-Time Release
  • Scalable, Increased Capacity, Shorter Production Times
  • Real-Time Contextualized Data

Software Architecture

ISPE Good Practice Guide: As more companies integrate continuous manufacturing into their operations, an increased demand for more flexible, modular, and robust systems accommodating a wider range of products and production control strategies is anticipated.

Meet the Expert

Paul Brodbeck, Software Developer and Industry Expert

Paul has over 30 years of experience in the process control industry—design, programming, and commissioning of DCS and PLC automation control systems for specialty chemical and pharmaceutical companies. He is the Chief Technologist for Continua Process Systems, where he has created the ContinuousPlant® suite of software dedicated to fully modular and agnostic Continuous Manufacturing plants. Additionally, he is the lead mentor for Rutgers Engineering Research Center for Structure Organic Particulate Systems (C-SOP), where he is guiding their research efforts related to advanced process controls, optimization, and system integration for their continuous manufacturing pilot plant. Paul has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

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