About Continua Process Systems

Continua Process Systems' mission is to develop and apply innovative software, applications and integrated solutions that enable pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to integrally design quality into the control of continuous manufacturing processes.

Our unique process automation and data management solutions are specifically designed to enable the continuous analysis, control, and data collection of Critical Process Parameter (CPP) variables that directly affect predefined and measured Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) so that drug products can be continuously manufactured more predictably, efficiently, reliably, and of better quality than traditional batch manufacturing methods.

Continua Process Systems' systems engineers have extensive knowledge and experience with developing and implementing process control, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), materials tracking and traceability, manufacturing execution systems (MES) and other data management solutions. Most of our systems engineering staff are chemical engineers that previously worked as process control engineers in manufacturing facilities. This combination of technical education and process automation skills coupled with process plant and project implementation experience enables us to take a more holistic approach on how best to solve various process control and data management challenges.

Continua Process Systems is an active member of the Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (ERC-SOPS) at the Rutgers University School of Engineering in New Brunswick, NJ. We encourage you to view the ERC-SOPS website at http://www.csops.org/ to learn about their R&D projects, facilities and cross-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and industry leaders who are available to support the development of science-based, advanced manufacturing processes from initial concept to qualification.

Our ultimate goal is to become a valued partner and provider of innovative process automation and data management solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers as they strive to produce safer, more effective, and higher quality drug products better, faster and more economically.

Terry Spaeth
President, Continua Process Systems, Inc.

Paul Brodbeck
Chief Technologist, Continua Process Systems, Inc.

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